Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'mmmmmm Baaaccckkkkkkkk!!

Ya, caught me. I was five blogs in and I took a hiatus! Things have been pretty busy here. Working later than normal, getting the wintery blues, getting a horrible cold....uhhh...excuses, excuses... BUT I'm back. I'll try to do better. I have received several compliments on my blog, so that is reassuring! :) So anyway, this is the "official" announcement that I'm not goin' anywhere!

Something I HAVE been working on....

A Recipe Box! :D I'm SoooOOOOooooOO excited about this! Anyone that knows me, knows I love food  (pshh..who doesn't?) and I love cooking (especially for more than 2 people, lol). I didn't take pictures of the process..dur-da-dur right?, but I can walk ya through it! :D

Okay. So I bought a plain old box from Michaels that looks like this:
Nothin too fancy or anything, and REALLY cheap--like $3.50 cheap. Yeah! I also picked up another medium sized sponge brush to paint with. By the way, I like painting projects with a sponge brush because It doesn't leave stroke streaks like the bristle brushes do.. Then.. I went to our local Westlake Hardware Store. I LOVE Westlakes..I think I like this store so much because 1. It has stuff for men and women! I'm drawn to stores with dual purpose ;)..and 2.It reminds me SO much of my Grandpa Virgil who passed away almost 2.5 years ago..sniff sniff...yeah..kinda hard to get me to leave..Anyway.... So, I went to Westlakes and bought a small can of Flat "Black" (It was more like a smokey black--not BLACK Black) paint. They have cans that are used for small projects or sampling for just a few I got that.. I have plentyyy left over for my next planned project! (Yay!) And while you're at the hardware store you'll want to pick up a piece of sandpaper--or one of those neat sandpaper blocks( like I had on hand because of the hubs :) ). You'll want a medium grit like 150 or so..-- by the way I did have to consult my husband about that--I totally don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to sandpaper.. and actually, what I had on hand was a finer(?) grit that's used for finishing, but it worked, so..what-ev...So! I got it all home, sat down in front of some Dr. Phil, and started paintin. I painted a couple of really light coats and let it dry. No primer or anything, I was too lazy, just 2 coats of paint. I painted the hinges and all..After it dried I took that sandpaper and a standard screwdriver to it and got busy. I mainly sanded around edges and knocked it a few times with the screwdriver to give it that distressed look --which the hubs also suggested--I think he needs a blog, ha! ;) --and now it looks like this!!

Brad liked the look of leaving the inside unpainted, so I left it :) Now my next project--organizing it! HA!! Hope y'all keep checkin' in on me, I'll try not to leave you hanging for the next one!