Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Follow Along Folks, We're Makin' a Wreath!

Like I've said in my past posts, I've been blog stalkin'--meaning--I've been searching high and low for easy craft ideas that will; 1. Give me a hobby to do after work (So I can break the routine of Work, Eat, Clean and Sleep) and 2. Help me use up or transform some of those old dull things lying around. My first project was inspired by a lady who loves crafting, and is an "expert" (in my eyes) at making wreaths! You can check out her blog here.  

I'll start by letting you know all the materials needed for the project, and the price of each as well. Most of the products I purchased came from one stop at Michael's
Grapevine Wreath--On Clearance for $2.50
Assortment of Flowers --$6.55 for 4 bundles (These were only going to be $3 but I couldn't do without the Cat-Tails)
Wooden Numbers--Only $2.42 for all 3!
Sponge Brush--.05       
Outdoor Acrylic Paint--.69
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks--Since I just began crafting, I don't consider these to be part of the project cost because I'll be able to use them on other projects.  
White Primer--I will also be able to use this several more times, so the cost of it was pretty cheap.
***Total Cost : $12.21***
I cut the assortment of flowers apart and began placing them on my Grapevine Wreath. I just stuffed them between the crevices in the vine, and with the thickness of the stems they all seamed to hold pretty well. 
I took a break to prime the numbers, that way they could be drying while I was working with the wreath. I laid a bag down and did it inside under our vent in the kitchen. -- Bad, Bad idea. I don't recommend doing this. You would think the fan/vent would help with fumes...not so much.. ;) Anyways.., I just applied 1 coat of primer to front and back.
I finished plugging all my flowers into the wreath. I just kept placing them until I got the fullness I wanted.
I painted the wooden numbers an Antique White. I applied 2 Coats to front and back.
I waited for the paint to dry and then hot glued  the Numbers to my wreath! I decided that I want to add a Plaid Print Ribbon Bow to the top corner, but haven't been anywhere to get what I want yet, until then, This'll Do! 

So there you have it! Not exactly rocket science, but I'm proud of myself!! In 5 steps, less than $15, and 1 short night, we now have a nice, warm wreath welcoming our guests! Try it out! :)



  1. Jessie- I LOVE the Wreath!! It is awesome!! Great Job! :)

  2. I just love how quickly you're coming along with your blog here! I already love it and I know it's just going to keep growing from here!! ♥

  3. I may actually try this - you make it look so easy! :) I love the blog, Jessie...I can't wait to read more!

  4. I LOVE THIS! So cute! I made a Christmas wreath with ball ornaments, and they are so fun! Love your blog!