Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome! Have a seat! Have a drink (of water)! And Have Some Fun!!

SoooOOOOoo... Here I am. Joining the Blogging world. Jumpin' on the bandwagon. Taking a leap...Hoping that someone, somewhere out there just may really care what I have to say ;) If not, may I direct you to the perty little "X" at the corner of the page.(just kidding!!) All kidding aside, I'm super excited! I can't wait to get into the swing of things with this blog! To let you all be a fly on the wall of my house--or apartment?--if you want to be. Did I mention that the life I lead is kind-of a double one--in only some aspects of course! But if you're here, you probably already know that! For those that aren't familiar, let me get you up to speed. We have a farm back home, in good ol' Unionville. With cattle, a garden, a perfectly "un-perfect" farm house, stars, signature farmer 1-finger waves Hello, slow moving tractor signs, curvy roads that make you sick,...... FRESH AIR....ahhh..I miss home. AND we allsoooo have an apartment in Columbia where my dear hubby is going to school. We're bringin' country to the city, and this here blog will follow along in our journey.

Okay, okay.. So I'm juuuussssttt alittle late getting this blog up--since we have been here for a year now, I'll catch ya up REAL fast with where we are since we moved here..Ready?
Brad started school, I found a job, We missed the country so we got a cat (named Balu), Brad still in school, I still at work, traveling home most weekends, back to the grind during the week, Brad decides he likes the cat (Ehahahaha---evil laugh :D ), I say get another--he says don't push it.. School, work,school,work...we lead pretty boring lives? Well amongst all of the excitement we of course check out the city. Try new places to eat, go see movies, meet new know...then I decide to BLOG about it..and a few months we are!

SO this is it! I've thought quite awhile on what I would like to say in this blog. I've decided it will just be a daily (or weekly--or whenever I get to it) look into the Hines' Homestead. I'll post about the Simple Pleasures of our life. Good fun, good friends, and good food. I really hope you'll enjoy this as much as I plan to. :)


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