Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have no plans, and no plans to plan....

So, since this is a blog that follows what's going on in my life, and there's not a whole lot going on in my life, I guess I should do something about that! ;) I've been craving a good hobby. I've thought about so many different things that I could just run with; jewelry making, scrapbooking, photography, restoring old furniture, crocheting, sewing, couponing--but man, just as soon as I get sucked in and right before I'm about jump in with both feet, something makes me stop. Have you ever walked through the aisle's at Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, Target, or any craft store and looked at the prices of the jewelery making stuff. Man-oh-man!! THAT's an expensive hobby. Wouldn't be so bad if I could sell some of it, but I don't want to turn something enjoyable into a job. ..And you know,.. I don't know too many people who make scrapbooks of their cats? And honestly I'm not sure I want to venture to find those individuals.. : |

Oh! Meet Balu! He sure is a cutie, isn't he?

So I guess I'll hold off on scrapbooking until I have human kids :)
I do looooovvvveeeeee repurposed old furniture, I'm not sure what's holding me back there..Space? Time? Places I would put the finished pieces. I'm kinda a bag of excuses..
I AM in the process of the whole crocheting/sewing hobby. I've been looking for a nice sewing machine for awhile. I don't want too many options, but I would like a heavy duty machine to patch work jeans with and stuff. ANY useful information there would be lovely!
I think I've decided to throw it all in a hat, and just go by the seat of my pants. Be a lively gal. No schedule, no normality here. Guess if you were looking for that same ol' same ol' blog, that goes week by week with the same planner, pass on by. You KNOW I'm not that type of person! (teehee) I'm a no rules type blogger. (Whoa, on Post #2 can I even call myself "blogger" ?) Heck ya, no rules remember?! Anyways, enough rambling. Plan for this blog--No Planning. 'Nuf said. End.of.Story. Expect the Unexpected.

**Do any of YOU have blogs? Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and blogs in the section below! I LOVE feedback!



  1. I have an Elna sewing machine and absolutely LOVE it! The price tag is rather large, but a quality sewing machine is a good investment. With care, it can last a very long time, and provide lots of fun. Sewing is one of my favorite hobbies-so much creativity and options. I would recommend trying a small quilt to begin with. Keep up the good work on the blog! :)

  2. Hi Jessie! Came over from Nicole's invite. I like your style. I get bored with the same old stuff all the time too. I guess I don't have enough passion for just one thing. I've think I have tried it all. In about 20 years you will probably be as someone said to me. A jack of all and master of none. Well it suits me just fine, cause I've enjoyed trying them all!! Or most. lol.
    Enjoy your new space and I'll being coming back often. Sadly mostly just weekends is when I get caught up on my bloggin', I have a j o b that takes up too much of my time.

  3. Thank you so much for your feedback! HAM--I'll have to look for that brand! Elna? Right? Should I look for that at a craft specialty store? I'd really like to find something soon! :)Thanks a bunch for stopping by!
    Lisa--Thanks for comin' over! Nicole is too sweet! I'm hoping I can find a road with this blog and run with it! I'm up for whatever, as long as it's fun! ;)I've got some stuff up my sleeve, it's coming soon! Stay tuned :D